Unexpected magic: Leaving Haida Gwaii (for now)

All my friends have left the island, both my housemates and my local friends, and I embrace my alone time with a hike up Tow Hill. Despite there being no service on this side of the island, from so high up I get a signal from the mainland 80 km across the Hecate Straight, and…

How to Relax: Shifting Plans and Moonlit Canoeing

I climb back to the rocks (no barnacles!) and a meditation enters my mind. 

Inhale: Sun fills every cell with love and light
Exhale: All worry flows into the rocks 
Inhale: Thank you for filling me with love and light
Exhale: Thank you for taking all my worry
Once again, learning to accept things as they come, not pushing to have things go the way I planned or imagined. Open to the flow of easy come, easy go, relaxing into the river of abundance without expectation or a white-knuckled need to control how it looks or when. (Ahhhhh what an easier exhale. SO much pressure taken off!)

My daily mantra this year (no matter how I fight it): I trust your process, and I trust your timing.